The Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo

The Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo shown clipped to a 5-Gallon Bucket with its instruction label showing on the front and side.

Advance Equipment has released the hotly anticipated Cornerbead Applicator Combo, which features a hopper and bucket nest to revolutionize the time and efficiency it takes to finish corners. “I hate lugging around those heavy hoppers,” says Richard Eisfeller, senior product designer for Advance, “which is a feeling shared by most professionals who need a faster solution for finishing corners. The Cornerbead Applicator Combo provides a halfway point between finishing by hand and using traditional hoppers, so you get the best of both worlds.”

Eisfeller was right to anticipate this need when he designed the Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo. Already, we are seeing a surge in demand for this new hopper as it makes a splash across social media. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how the Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo can save you time and money on your next project.

What does the Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo do?

The Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo speeds up the finishing process by applying a thick, even layer of joint compound to corner bead, ensuring optimal bonding to outside corners. Designed to work with thicker mud, this hopper keeps the underside of the bead clean to reduce touch-ups and sanding. The bucket nest allows you to work from a comfortable height by attaching the hopper to any bucket, scaffold, or finishing station. No more squatting or bending down to run corner bead.

Product image for Advance Cornerbead Hopper Applicator Combo

Advance Cornerbead Hopper Applicator Combo

The NEW Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo is the latest innovation in cornerbead installation. This combo features the popular Cornerbead Applicator with the new Bucket Nest which allows you to prep cornerbead trim with greater control and flexibility. Cornerbead Applicator: coats corner bead with precise amount of joint compound works with all mud types on paper-faced corner beads ideal…

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How is the Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo different from a traditional hopper?

1. Less Bulk to Carry Around

Traditional hoppers are heavy and cumbersome. Unless you’re completing a large residential or commercial project, lugging a hopper around can be more trouble than its worth. “I’ve noticed more and more housing projects feature an open floorplan, which means fewer corners to finish,” adds Eisfeller. “I don’t want to go through the trouble of setting up a hopper, but I don’t want to waste time doing it by hand either. That’s where the idea for the cornerbead applicator came to me: a small, lightweight apparatus that could clip onto a bucket and run bead with little to no fuss.”

Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo (ADVA-6CBA2)

The Cornerbead Applicator Combo features two separate pieces: the applicator and the bucket nest. Made from lightweight, durable materials, this hopper is easy to stash in your toolkit.

2. Straightforward Design

Traditional hoppers come with interchangeable parts which can be a hassle to modify when working with different beads. As a result, most drywall finishers resort to having two hoppers which they preset to reduce downtime. “Again, this can be an expensive and troublesome solution. It requires you to keep track of all your parts, making sure you have everything you need for the task at hand. If you lose your parts, you risk downtime or having to complete the job by hand,” warns Eisfeller. The Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo eliminates this risk with its small, compact design. “You don’t have to keep track of interchangeable parts, and it works with all mud-set bead,” says Eisfeller. “This hopper is highly efficient, easy to use, and inexpensive.”

3. Works With Thicker Mud

When finishing corners, professionals typically dilute their mud mixture with water so that its easier to run bead through their hopper. “There are a number of issues with this,” says Eisfeller. “Watered down mud weakens the latex in the joint compound, which is the bonding agent between the corner bead and the drywall. The weaker the mud, the more likely it is to leak from the hopper and the corner. This creates a huge mess and increases the likelihood of drying discrepancies which could result in callbacks or touch-ups.”

The Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo is specially designed to work with thicker mud to ensure optimal bonding to drywall corners. “You’ll notice the applicator keeps the underside of the bead clean to prevent touch-ups or sanding, and the mud grooves are evenly dispersed for a crisp, clean corner,” says Eisfeller. “As the applicator sits idle, it won’t spill mud from its ends either. This reduces your cleanup time tremendously.”

4. Accomodates Imperfect Corners

Another noteworthy feature of the Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo is that it intentionally fills the crease of the bead whereas most hoppers scrape it clean. A filled crease ensures that all corners, even the imperfect ones, are filled with adequate joint compound for an optimal finish.

The Advance Cornerbead Applicator features a special crease line to fill the apex of the mud-set bead

You can see in the picture above that a groove line tracks the inside of the cornerbead applicator, acting as a guide but also ensuring adequate filling of the crease as it moves through the mud.

How do you use the Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo?

When developing the initial prototype, Eisfeller reached out to Kayla Beckett with One Chick Taper and Company, who served as the ideal client for the Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo. Beckett often completes custom residential jobs, relying on a variety of tools and methods to keep her time and physical labor down to a minimum. Beckett agreed to field-test the cornerbead applicator on location and report back to Advance Equipment with her findings. We sat down with Beckett to find out what she thought of the Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo.

Q: How did the Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo change your process?

A: When Richard asked me to test the new hopper, I was reluctant at first. I already had a solid routine and was hesitant to change things up. At the time, I was using my Trim-Tex hopper and a mud tube, but once I started using this mini hopper – it changed everything! It sped up the entire process and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. Even my 16-year-old apprentice was able to run corner bead through it, which was a huge help.

This hopper has a youthful quality to it – small, compact, simple. I love that I can hook it to my lift or toss it in a bucket of water to soak overnight. I am absolutely shocked at how much it has improved my workflow. Everyone should have this in their tool stash.

Q: What other ways has it changed your corner finishing routine?

A: The bucket nest allows me to hang it onto my Advance Drywall Finishing Station which transforms it into a hopper on wheels. I simply wheel the finishing station from corner to corner with my hopper ready to go. Or, I’ll hook it onto my lift and bring the whole operation with me. I can’t imagine going back to what I was doing before. In fact, I feature the mini hopper in a lot of my videos. Greater work flexibility is important to me as I often tackle projects with a small crew. Having that level of freedom is a boost in confidence.

Beckett allowed us to share her footage of the Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo with us. You’ll be addicted to how seamless she makes this hopper look as she sails through her corners.

Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo footage © Kayla Beckett, owner of One Chick Taper and Company (@thetapingqueen)
Product image for Advance Drywall Finishing Station

Advance Drywall Finishing Station

The Advance Drywall Finishing Station is the perfect solution for greater mobility and flexibility. Benefits: Functions as a tool box, wash station, mud filling station, and tool holder One-piece fold up design for easy transportation Move your work station with you Keep your tools and materials organized and out of the way Work faster by eliminating trips back and forth to fill up on mud, cleanup,…

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Does the Cornerbead Applicator Combo work with other tools?

“A high quality tool should always be versatile. The more it can do, the better. The Cornerbead Applicator Combo is no exception,” explains Eisfeller who has a passion for ergonomics and continuous improvement. “If you’re investing in the Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo, be sure to get yourself the Advance Patch Pan as well. These were designed to work together to increase your workflow.”

What are the benefits of the Advance Patch Pan?

Made from 100% recycled material, the Advance Patch Pan fits the cornerbead applicator and bucket nest. “You can place your cornerbead applicator inside the patch pan to seal off the ends and preserve your mud. You can also use it to wipe corners,” adds Eisfeller.

When not using the cornerbead applicator, the patch pan fits conveniently inside the bucket nest for a variety of uses. You can use it while on a scaffold and have easy access to mud or other tools such as your corner flushers or knives.

Product image for Advance 6" Patch Pan (ADVA-6PR)

Advance 6″ Patch Pan (ADVA-6PR)

The Advance 6″ Patch Pan is ultra-lightweight, made from 100% recycled material, and is ideal for all compounds. For use with 1″- 6″ knives. Built in wiping blade to clean knife. Contoured bottom fits naturally in the hand. Textured sides to prevent slippage. Design Features: works with the Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo made from 100% recycled material featured a contoured bottom…

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What material is the Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo Made From?

The Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo is made from highly durable, lightweight materials to ensure longevity. The cornerbead applicator is virgin-pressed polypropylene, which makes it tough, durable, and capable of maintaining its shape over a long period of time. (However, the Advance Cornerbead Applicator is available and sold separately should you need a back-up or replacement.)

The bucket nest is made from stainless steel with a black powder-coat. It’s tabs are easily adjustable to any bucket or finishing station. Simply bend the tabs to the ideal angle you need for hanging.

How do you clean and maintain the Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo?

When you’re finished with the cornerbead applicator, simply remove it from the bucket nest and drop it into a bucket of water. Let the mud soften for a few minutes before scrubbing it clean with a soft bristle brush or a terry cloth. “I always make sure to clear the crease line at the bottom of the applicator. if there’s any hardened mud, I let it soak for a minute or two and grab my 5 inch knife to scrape it clean,” adds Eisfeller.


If you’re looking for an easy solution to drywall corner finishing, we highly recommend the Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo. Made from durable, lightweight materials, this new hopper applies the precise amount of mud to all mud-set beads, ensuring an optimal bond to drywall corners. Easy to use and easy to clean, you’ll want to take this hopper with you everywhere!

We want to thank Richard Eisfeller with Advance Equipment and Kayla Beckett with One Chick Taper and Company for providing an in-depth look at this popular new tool and invite you to follow them on their social media channels for more helpful content.

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