5 Unexpected Things About The Tapepro Mud Box Pro

Thinking about making a change from manual taping? You’ve probably read everything online about automatic tapers, but have you heard of the Tapepro Mud Box Pro? This automatic taper is the perfect fusion of a banjo and bazooka, and comes with its own unique features. In this article, we’ll explore 5 Unexpected Things About The Tapepro Mud Box Pro.


Polycarbonate is a clear thermoplastic polymer that is used for products such as eye glasses and bullet-proof windows. This material makes the Mud Box Pro lighter, stronger, and more durable than a plastic banjo.


Unlike a banjo or bazooka, the Mud Box Pro works with all chemical-setting compounds. It’s polycarbonate base is corrosion-resistant, preventing tool damage from working with drying agents. If you work with hot mud often, then this taper is for you!

A drywall finisher fills the Mud Box Pro by pouring joint compound straight from the bucket to the mud chamber. This shows how easily it is to fill the Mud Box Pro as opposed to a drywall bazooka which requires a mud pump and gooseneck attachment.


The Mud Box Pro does not require a mud pump which comes as an added expense when purchasing a bazooka. As shown above, you can simply fill it straight from the bucket. It also features less common wear parts which minimizes the time, money, and effort associated with routine maintenance and repairs.

(But if your Mud Box Pro ever needs a repair, we’ve got you covered! We carry maintenance and repair kits on all common wear parts to keep your automatic taper running at peak performance.)

A drywall finisher uses the Mud Box Pro to simultaneously apply joint compound and paper tape to a horizontal drywall joint. The result is a clean tape run with very little mess.


The Mud Box Pro features the same cutter & creaser wheel mechanism as a professional-grade bazooka. Its rear controls are located on the end of the handle for easy access. You can embed or cut tape without removing the automatic taper from the wall.

Tapepro Mud Box Pro shown with its pyramid blade engaged to cut tape. This action is engaged by pulling the rear control located on the handle.
Tapepro Mud Box Pro shown with its creaser wheel extended to embed tape. This action is engaged by pulling the rear control located on the handle.


The Mud Box Pro extends your reach beyond that of a banjo, giving you easy access to most ceiling joints and angles without the need for stilts or scaffolding. This is a great way to increase your jobsite safety and mobility.

Drywall finisher is able to reach ceiling joints comfortably from the ground thanks to the extended reach handle of the Tapepro Mud Box Pro.

In Conclusion

What makes this automatic taper so unique is that it has all the convenience of a banjo and the high-powered performance of a bazooka. We’ve highlighted 5 Unexpected Things About The Tapepro Mud Box Pro, but check out this side-by-side comparision:

Product image for Tapepro Mud Box Pro

Tapepro Mud Box Pro

The Tapepro Mud Box Pro is an innovative improvement on the original model, the WMB-L Mud Box. This tool is the perfect fusion of an automatic taper and a banjo but has the advanced functional features of the automatic taper. The Mud Box Pro is the easiest taping tool to learn to use and also remains the easiest to clean. Eliminate man hours and operator fatigue by simultaneously applying paper tape and…

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